Here is brief list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you need more information on our platform, please contact us. 

What does Startup Athletics provide?

Startup athletics provides a platform for youth sports organizations to increase their online presence without the need for complex websites or search marketing campaigns. By using our platform programs both large and small now have the ability to showcase their offerings on a local, regional, and national scale.  

Simply enter your organizations program and allow our system to harness your brands assets and deliver them to your future participants.  

How does it work?

Our platform was built to support the youth sports community by providing users with the ablilty to search for programs that fit their needs, in turn we also providing organizations with the tools to reach them. 

Our platform caters to 

  • Programs 

  • Players and Parents 

Click the link to see a quick snapshot on what we provide 

How do I get started 


  • Create your account and be brought directly our program creation page. By selecting your program type our pages will automatically adjust to your offerings and participants needs. Once populated you will then be brought to your own personal dashboard where you can add more listings, publish, or save your work for later. 

Players and parents 

Who can post on our platform. 

Regardless of your size our system has been built to cater to organizations both large and small. Our pages have been built to promote camps, tournaments, leagues, clinics and travel clubs. 

Who can see my photos and videos?

All photos you provide within your program page are only visible when you publish your program page within your dashboard. If you choose to unpublish your page in your dashboard your page will only be visible to you and not searchable. 

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for talented to people to work with. If you have a skillset that you believe would be an exellent addition to our team we want to talk to you! Send us an email with your credentials and we will get back to you to discuss opportunities. 

When are you going to make the APP?

Our pages are 100% responsive so you can use on any device. AN APP is in conversations but currently we have nothing to announce.

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